The search textbox is located conveniently at the top right of the main page for you (and me) to search keywords.

The calendar is just to show posts published on that particular date. It’s not event calendar.

For categories & tags, please refer Categories page.


Each posts follow this format:

Start – End Date

Info about the event/post


Updated posts will have (DDMMYY) at the end of the title, like Get the most out of warehouse sales (120907). The date is not indicator for comments but for post. This is to show relevance to time as there could be many same post titles (when such events occur several times like Melwani’s warehouse sales). It would be easier for you to know which is updated and if you had read the older or latest version. I’d hate to think, “Cey, I already read this and it still said ‘updated’! Apa lah!” and I don’t want you to have the same experience.

Most posts contain map or how to get there but if the particular post that you are looking at doesn’t have that, go to Getting there page.

If the site uses Flash, there’s an indicator at the end of the link [Flash].

For multiple languages (by default: English), there would be [Bahasa Malaysia | Mandarin] or something like that.


Most images have links either to the original / bigger size of the image, another post or the original website.

You can also view the images in Flickr – daysnnitesofmj

Can’t find what you are looking for?

  1. Read the comments in the post that you are reading.
  2. Search (top right textbox) in this blog.
  3. Drop off your enquiry in related posts.

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  2. Hi! I am from cambodia I interesting in yr shoes brand Marie Claire. Do you have wholesale and how is the price for wholesale? Pls keep fedback once you get this message. Thanks

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