Get the most out of warehouse sales (120907)

Original 19 July 2005. Last updated 12 Sep 2007

Pre-warehouse sales

  1. Make a list of your budget & what you need to buy and want to buy in another column – essentials in column 1, extras in column 2. Leave some money for unexpected finds. That way, you won’t have to look at every item.
  2. Plan your transportation. If you need to carry heavy items like furniture, do you want to park far away just to save a few $ or does the organizer offer shipment (free/ chargeable?) or have trolley for you to use? If you are not sure, you can contact the organizer or pass by the venue before you park. If you are taking public transport, check the guide/map in Getting there and Shopping Links if the venue is near a shopping mall.
  3. Leave your valuables at home. Most of the warehouse sales are packed and if anything is lost, it’s very hard to find it. You also have to be wary of pick pockets. Also, some warehouse sales do not allow umbrella, water bottles and bags inside.
  4. Things to bring:
    1. IC/identification
    2. cash & credit card. Some warehouse sales only accept (selected) credit cards if you purchase a minimum amount of $.
    3. handphone (in case you need to contact your lost friend there or helping others to buy stuff). There are people who bring calculator but you can always use the feature in handphone if you have one.
    4. tissue paper – Some cosmetic and skin care companies provide tissue papers for you to clean up your face/hand after trying but bring a pack yourself if you intend to test a lot of products and to wipe your sweat!
    5. list of products to buy.
  5. Find out the market price beforehand during retail sales & promotions or launching of new product so that you can compare the differences and then decide if it’s worth it. Sometimes, the products may have almost the same price like 1 of Sony’s warehouse sale. Some companies offer lower price but no freebies in warehouse sales. Compared to retail, you may get voucher which may save you in the long run. Fragrances and cosmetic products fall into this category.
  6. Wear comfortable and sweat absorbant materials – the venue is usually hot even with air cond.

During warehouse sales

  1. If you are unsure of the exact location, look for the map/information counter in the mall, company’s website, etc. Ask the security or staffs working in the mall or area.
  2. Be polite to the staffs & other customers. Queue up for your turn and leave the section once you’ve selected the products. Pushing is rude!
  3. Be there earlier than opening hours to queue up – more choices of products but at starting price. You are kiasu, others are more kiasu. (refer #)
  4. Check the layout so that you’ll know where the products you want are to save time. Guess this is more applicable for PC and MATTA Fairs..
  5. Go straight for the things you need first, take it then only browse for ‘extras’. If you are undecided and there’s not many quantity left, take it first. If you don’t want it, please put it back to its place or to any of the staffs working there. Don’t leave it simply on the floor or a table and especially not together with other products. That’s plain rude.
  6. Some companies mark down the prices when the stock is very limited or they just don’t want to repack the remaining stock back to their storage/factory at the end of the day. So if you want it at really low price, stay back or come during the last hours of the warehouse sales and hope the price goes down. Unfortunately, if you wait till last minute, most of the good stuffs are already sold out.
  7. Most warehouse sales would provide plastic bags (cosmetics & fragrances) or boxes (MPH) for you to put the things that you want to buy.
  8. It’s ok to ask questions to the staffs on how to use the products, demo for you if you can’t touch the display. Ask if the warranty is included and the procedure to claim warranty should anything goes wrong.
  9. Check expiry and manufacturing date for safety purposes! If it’s dented, smells and looks different…
  10. If there are test units, test it first before you buy because most warehouse sales do not have refund/return policy stated. However, if you encounter any problems with the products for self-use, you could claim for Consumer’s rights.
  11. Calculate the total prices before you pay so that you wouldn’t be embarassed or couldn’t buy all the things you need. If you don’t do this, then check your purchases outside after payment so that if there’s miscalculation or missing item you can go back in to settle it immediately. Once sold, you can’t refund or exchange it – for most cosmetics & fragrances, books, clothes warehouse sales anyway. IT & Electronic goods usually still include warranty.
  12. Lunch and after work hours are more busy than other hours.
  13. If the organizers give a plastic bag to you to put your bag, you can ask the staffs to remove the lock for you and they can recycle the plastic bag. Please pass the plastic bag to someone who will use it instead of throwing it anywhere. Just because you buy from warehouse sales doesn’t mean you have to be dirty and uncivic conscious.

Post warehouse sales

  1. Send the info for warranty if the product needs you to do so (electronic, electrical & IT)
  2. Double check your items by trying them if possible. If there’s any problem, you can try to settle it with the company or organizers ASAP.
  3. Post your comments, blog about your experience :D

Why are the products are so cheap?

  1. There’s new version (packaging, formula)
  2. Too few stock to sell at market.
  3. Previous seasons’ stock. Hence, clearance sales.
  4. Too much stock at market.
  5. Almost expiring products.
  6. Damaged products/unavailable boxes.
  7. Testers or display units.
  8. Missing parts but still workable.

48 thoughts on “Get the most out of warehouse sales (120907)

  1. Found one too many damaged or nearing expiry date items at the recent diethelm sales. It would have helped if they informed the consumers of this.

  2. Yes, diethelm warehouse sale sells near expiry. But look carefully.. some says best before.. doesn’t mean it has expired. And the last time I bought, the sales counter person did inform us when it will be expiring.

  3. i went to Clarins sales last month. They disposed 2003-1004 goods. And they didnt mention to the clients. I think this is not fair to this cutomers. All this hile, the beauty advisors at those counters (Shopping centres) told u that skin care are not good to keep for more than one year. But now the sales did the different thing. Disappointed.

  4. When is the mattel warehouse sales? Last year is on March?? But this year ??? or maybe over already?? Can anyone let me know? Thks


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