Blogs are to share information and over here, PASIM is providing the info to readers and companies can spread promotions and sales for free. We certainly encourage sharing information for making better decisions in budgetting and shopping.

With every images or info that PASIM gets from official webpages/other blogs, PASIM provides a link back to the source and “info provided by” at the bottom of the post. Take Giordano warehouse sale and The Manhattan Fish Market 50th Merdeka Celebration Countdown for example.

So PASIM expects the same courtesy from readers who may want to share images and info from PASIM with others. All images and info taken from PASIM and posted in your blog, website, email, forum posts, etc must have a link back to PASIM’s mainpage or the specific post.

We know it’s tempting to put the images as solely your own (or our own) but the truth is, they belong to the people who did the hard work. It’s only right to give credit to where/whom it’s due. You wouldn’t want someone to make money from selling your work or stealing your ideas, would you?

When you want to use PASIM’s info & images¹ for Commercial use/Personal monetary/credit gains³, you must:

  • Email PASIM for permission
  • Provide a link back to PASIM²

When you want to use PASIM’s info & images¹ for Non-commercial, you must:

  • Provide a link back to PASIM²
  • No need to email PASIM for permission

¹ images that has “PASIM” word like Hush Puppies Apparel warehouse sale and Giordano Damage Sales (1 Day only)² either to PASIM’s mainpage or specific post

³ example: posting warehouse sales info in where you’ll be credited

Email: pasim mj gmail icon

One thought on “Copyrights

  1. Hi MJ,

    How are you? Thanks for mentioning our site! :) By the way, is there any particular reason why you are not including Google AdSense on your blog to earn some pocket money?

    Kind regards,

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