PASIM stands for Promotions and Sales in Malaysia. It could be named as PSM but that’s a bit confusing with PMS.

The tagline for PASIM is free info on discounts % promotions fair warehouse sales clearance awareness charity special events contests. not to cure shopaholics. terms & conditions apply. while stock lasts (aha).


If you have any comments but do not want to post comments (shy shy?) or have attachments / info on sales / promotions, etc..

Email / chat with me (pls include PASIM in Title of your email to separate yours from junk emails):

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Twitter: pasim_mj


I thought warehouse sales were just selling realllly old and expired products but once I had been to one, I was hooked and kept checking out newspapers & websites for such info.

Living in Malaysia is not that easy (compared with other countries that have lower living costs, higher salary and visible consumerisme activities) – living costs are high but thank goodness (and our government) that there are so many sales in a year! Still, most of the luxury (and even normal everyday) products here are priced higher than other countries like Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore – that’s why they get so many Malaysian visitors during their sale seasons!

So if there are lower price/additional perks available, why not make use of it? :) It can certainly makes your wallet happier and you can save more money for investment and well being. Or buy more with the same amount of money!

Add PASIM icon to your site/blog to show your support!

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34 thoughts on “About PASIM

  1. Hi there

    Just set up my blog offering fantastic catwalk fashion at sidewalk prizes!

    How can I add the launch of my virtual store to your blog?

    Also, I want to include a 10% discount for PASIM readers!


  2. hey, first of all, i read ur blog everyday via rss, and i found this website called pacmee. i think it is a great way of sending your teaser announcements of your recent post to your group of followers. go read more at http://www.pacmee.com. the downside is that they’re just sending to hotlink/maxis users only. but that’s no barrier and its very low cost of having such service to your followers. go read more about it. thanks.

  3. Hey how about adding a page for readers of PASIM blog? I remember your blogspot PASIM had Technorati – blogs that link here..

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  6. Lee Super fun, maybe..

    tsy, sales need permit from gov so the news on when the sales are would only be broadcasted a month or so before the actual event. Usually there’ll be sales before Chinese New Year, Hari Raya & Christmas.

  7. Hai MJ,

    Wife goes carzy over this warehouse sale and she is been bugging my life to find out the next FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale at Parkroyal Kuala Lunpur.

    Can you be kind enough to give some updates on this.

    Thanks alot.

  8. always lowest price

    Mystarbid – The lowest unique bid website
    Mystarbid is a website run by the Malaysian registered company and has four services center in Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Mystarbid are where products are placed on auction with the following rules: Bidders are asked to place their bid, a bid which they think no one else will duplicate, and the successful bidder will be the one with the LOWEST UNIQUE BID.

  9. Hi there,

    Would appreciate if you could update me about any up-coming mega sales, warehouse sales and etc…Categories shall be beauty and fragrances as well as inner wear.Thanks

  10. hi,

    i have this blog that offers really affordable new branded authentic handbags and accessories from the States…

    how can i add my eline boutique to your blog?

    pls advise.


  11. I would be grateful if you would kindly give me the email address of the company that markets GIORDANO PRODUCTS, and its address, tel. no, and fax.

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

  12. Hi,

    Would like to check how to submit our Sale/ Promotion in PASIM website? Will there be any cost incur?
    Kindly advice.
    Thank you

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  14. Harvey Norman Warehouse Sale starting tommorow(29th -31st Oct 2010) in Shah Alam, Off Leburaya Pesekutuan. Anyone with further info? Pls Post.

  15. Would appreciate if you could update me about any up-coming mega sales, warehouse sales and etc…Categories shall be beauty and fragrances as well as inner wear.Thanks

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