My Credit Cards

There are 3 links that are useful to people who use credit cards and those who are using cash, you may want to convert some purchases to credit cards after reading the posts in My Credit Cards:

Earn Pocket Money with Credit Cards.

 In this post I will highlight once again how we can save or earn some money with our credit cards. The very first thing that save you money is getting a credit card that comes with FREE annual fee waiver. This automatically saves you money every year and time too (not needing to call CS for waiver). That is why in my article titledThe Best Credit Card in Malaysia- Is There Really One? I only mentioned about cards that offer FREE annual fees.

Best Credit Cards in Malaysia for Petrol and Movies.

You know what, everybody keep asking what is the best credit card in Malaysia and I’ll repeat again, there is no such thing as the best credit card in Malaysia as it depends entirely on how you spend your hard earned money. But if you ask me what is the best credit card to use for pumping Petrol and purchasing Movie Tickets, there are indeed a few good cards out there :)

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