2nd KRISIS Seminar and Mini Workshops – World Stroke Day – 2 & 3 Dec 2011

In conjunction with the World Stroke Day 2011

The KRISIS project aims to significantly improve the morbidity and mortality resulting from stroke for the local population that UKM Medical Centre serves, with the greatest use of available expertise and equipment, and the added benefit of generating new knowledge and skills of local medical practitioners. The hallmark of this initiative is the emphasis of integration between the specialties, and optimization of resource utilization guided by a unified, synergistic framework for knowledge sharing. This framework is further developed to include principles of knowledge management and practice change, thereby redirecting focus to create what is known as communities of practice for each of the dimensions of stroke care.

There are 2 mini-workshops (can attend 1 only):
Interpretation of CT scans
or Neurorehabilitation mini workshop

Staff & UKM students – free
Non-UKM students RM50
Others RM100

Send completed forms (refer link below) to UKM-CHES, 7th Floor, UKM Medical Centre before or on Friday 25/11/2011.
2nd KRISIS Seminar and Mini Workshops – World Stroke Day – 2 & 3 Dec 2011

+603 9173 5308

Auditorium, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.


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