Fake McDonald’s GCB Buy 1 Free 1 21 – 23 Jul 2011

Fake McDonald's GCB Buy 1 Free 1 21 - 23 Jul 2011

Received free coupon to be printed for McD’s GCB promotion but later read in http://www.facebook.com/My.McDonalds that it’s fake! Bummer…

Dear fans, it has come to our attention that a FAKE GCB Buy 1 Free 1 (21 – 23 July) coupon has been circulated via email. Please IGNORE it as this is NOT an offer issued from McDonald’s! Always check on this FB fan page or atwww.mcdonalds.com.my to ensure the legitimacy of any McDonald’s promotion you receive. We do not issue coupons via email.

However, the Lunch Value Meal for GCB is still around:

The best lunch deal in town, now even better with GCB! Complete with French fries (M) and carbonated soft drink (M) for only RM9.95, it’s the perfect unique chicken experience at even better value!


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