2 guys abusing a puppy

By now, you’ve probably already seen this picture albeit the faces blurred in some newspapers. These guys are unidentified and the picture was posted in Lisa Surihani’s Twitter profile but she denied she knew the guys or saw the incident.

If you had any information about this, contact SPCA’s Public Relations Dept & Inspectorate +603 4253 5312 / enquiries@spca.org.my

SPCA 2 guys abusing a puppy
SPCA newsletter


3 thoughts on “2 guys abusing a puppy

  1. feel wanna cry and sorry for the puppy when see this..really hope tis kind of people get punishment either by law or god!!how could they do this!!

  2. Poor little Jack Russell Puppy. Looks like one of the famales my neighbor shot because he hates dogs. Anyone who abuses should be punished the same way. Eye for an Eye

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