Estee Lauder warehouse sales 14 Aug 10

Estee Lauder
Bobbi Brown
Tommy Hilfiger
Donna Karan

Invitation Card is required for admittance and will be collected at entrance – pls refer Estee Lauder counters or Suria Meriang’s office in Mid Valley

Cash, Visa, Master accepted

All purchases are limited to not more than 3 units of each items, and not exceeding RM2000.
This card is given out FREE by invitation/request only. 2 invitation cards per person.

Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur
The Grand Ballroom

Organizer: Suria Meriang @ +603 20926000
8am – 3pm


12 thoughts on “Estee Lauder warehouse sales 14 Aug 10

  1. Hi Suria,

    Is the invitation card still available? Knowing that someone selling the invitation card at RM 100+ each. I mean this is a bit ridiculous that they got it free from your company but they use this opportunity to earn money. This is really unfair to other people who are actually wish to go. Hope your company will look into this matter. Thanks.

  2. i boughtt he ticket at rm120!! what a rip off.. n i wont be able to go to that sale.. :( . im letting the invitation card go. cheaper than rm120 of course.

  3. Adoilah….camner org biase nak gi beli. Siap nak ade invitation card bagai. Ingat org biase x de duit ke? P/S pakai sendiri la…

  4. Hmmm…an exclusive warehouse sale. Next time no need to postlah…..just sent the invitation cards to existing buyers and clients and wait for them to turn up….

  5. Reached there at 8am and the queue was outside entrance of the hotel already but the queue moved quite fast.

    There were a few people cutting queue with their already queued up friends and there was no security to monitor except outside the hotel & entrance. Didn’t see any1 make a big noise of that.. The security guys are pretty good this time – friendly and helpful. Oh, pregnant ladies get priority – no need to queue up – ask the security.

    They really collect the cards though I didn’t see anyone without card so couldn’t know if they would turn down whoever without card..

    Lots of DKNY Delicious fragrance in metal cylinder, Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise (nobody buy @ 2 tables!), Tommy Hilfiger 10, Tommy, DKNY men, some Aramis and Clinique Happy for Men set. Pleasures (not the original but the “extra” edition one) finished at 9sth.

    Bobbi Brown RM70+ for foundation, eyecolour, powder, lip.
    MAC also RM70+ in pre-packed cosmetics (3 items – usually lipgloss, lipstick, eyeshadow) on 2 tables.

    Clinique super limited foundation powder RM50-100 (left dark colours only when I left), whitening set, natural eyeshadow. The foundation is from yr 2008. No fragrance other than Happy Men & Elixir (Women).

    Estee Lauder foundation also left dark colours, Michael Kors limited, eyeshadows (limited edition) very pretty, lipgloss x2 RM60, lipgloss x6 (or 7?) in set RM90, lipstick x6 in set RM100. Realllllllly tempted to get the lipgloss & lipstick set but I don’t like all the colours. Aii..

    Super limited skin care from all brands. Origins RM70+ for face, body.

    OVerall, disappointing w/s for me. At 1 point, EL side was packed like sardines and ppl were pushing. The staffs did broadcast to ask customers to move along..

    Parking can be chopped but should be packed. At 8am, the cars were queueing up @ entrance to go in..

    I parked in open car park Ampang (about 2 buildings down the road) at flat rate RM4.

    By the time I exit the hall at about 10am, the queues had lessen to the entrance of the hall only.

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