Nomad Eco-X Adventure Race 4 Jul 10

Eco X Series 2010 is now scheduled for 4th July!

Once again we are working with the indispensable support of Pejabat Kementrian Pelancungan Malaysia Negeri Selangor (Ministry of Tourism Selangor State Office) to showcase the scenic secrets of the state.
This will be the most accessible race course that we have ever had. It’s 20 minutes from downtown KL to the race start and finish line! And the race links three super cool adventure locations: Batu Dam, Batu Caves and the Selangor State Park. Did you know that it’s the second largest park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara and is the source of 98% of Selangor, KL and Putrajaya’s water supply?
We are really excited to finally fulfill a long standing ambition to put in a significant lake kayaking section in our race. We have taken the plunge and purchased a fleet of 40 brand new kayaks. So racers, get those kayaking muscles up to speed!
Another new race discipline will be rock climbing. And of course the elite teams in the Eco X Capade category will be challenged with Nomad’s signature mystery tests. Heh Heh. How could we leave out our M-M-Mystery T-T-Tests? (insert evil laugh!) This year’s race is not going to have the most natural or remote race course – in fact, parts of the course are distinctly suburban – but it will definitely be our most diverse race to date with the best mixture of terrain ever.
As per our past events, the Eco X Capade category is for teams who want to race with the best and do all the toughest challenges. The Eco X Sprint is a non-competitive event for individuals who just want to enjoy the race course at their own pace. Our new category is the Eco X Challenge for students teams. We believe the future of the sport lies in developing young talent and so this category is aimed at doing just that. Finally, we just could not resist having the Eco X Cycle – a pure mountain bike race because the trails in this area are just so good!

In this newsletter, we will be covering the following topics:
1. Dates to remember
2. Info on race disciplines
3. Categories, Entry fee and Prizes
4. Registration and entry forms
5. Payment method and early bird discount
6. Volunteers
7. Upcoming updates

1. Dates to Remember
Thu 24th June: Closing date for entries
Sat 3rd July : Race Testing and Briefing day (compulsory)
Sun 4th July : RACE DAY!

2. Info on Race Disciplines
For all categories, this will be a continuous race course, so teams will have to carry all their race equipment from the start to the finish line. Our philisophy in designing a race is that all disciplines must be given equal weightage, so if you want to win you have to be good at everything.
Lake Kayaking
About 1 hour long for Eco X Capade and X Challenge, and 30 minutes long for Eco X Sprint. We will be using inflatable kayaks made by AIRE. It’ll be the Strike 1 kayak which will be fitted with 2 seats. These are are slick and fast boats – but only if you can control them well as they have a pretty good rocker! But do you really think we (the most evil race organisers in Malaysia) will be content to just let you paddle? Be prepared for some surprises on this leg!
Mountain Biking
Some blogs have touted the Batu Dam area as having some of the best mountain biking in KL and certainly the most scenic. We think so! In the jungle it will be 100% single track and will feature some demanding climbs as well as fast, swoopy descents. We estimate at least 12+ km of riding and we are definately looking at some new bike trails created specially for this race.
On foot : Jungle and River Trek, and Road Running
Everyone will get to experience some incredible jungle trekking through a unique limestone area. Tackling this section will be a full body workout as you scramble and climb over rocks and duck under obstacles. Eco X-Capade and X-Challenge teams will get an additional river trekking section which is always pretty cool (literally)! Eco X Sprint and X-Challenge will also face a road running section of less than 5km but with some good hill climbs.
On, In and Over Rock : Caving, Rock Climbing and Abseiling
We are preparing for the longest abseil we have ever set up in an adventure race! But only the Eco X-Capade will get to do it, and our advice to the teams is that they should bring some fresh underwear because they are going to need a clean set after this $#!?-inducing abseil. The caving and climbing is a fun section for everyone. Eco X Capade and X Challenge teams will have to know how to belay.

3. Categories, Entry Fee and Prizes
Eco X-Capade Teams
Team size: 2 persons per team.
3 Categories: Men, Women and Mixed
Entry fee : RM 300 per team
RM 2000 + sponsor’s prizes + trophies for the CHAMPION team in each category
RM 1000 + sponsor’s prizes + medals for the FIRST RUNNER-UP team in each category
RM 500 + sponsor’s prizes + medals for the SECOND RUNNER-UP team in each category
Eco X Challenge Teams
Team size: 4 persons per team. Teams must be mixed gender.
2 Categories: Under 17 and 18 & above
Entry fee : RM 400 per team
Trophies for the CHAMPION team in each category
Medals for the FIRST RUNNER-UP team in each category
Medals for the SECOND RUNNER-UP team in each category
+ really, really fantastic Sponsors’ prizes for the top teams in each category.
Eco X Sprint
Team Size: Individuals
Entry fee : RM 120 per person
The satisfaction of a fun and challenging day in the great outdoors! This category is non-competitive, remember?
Eco X Cycle
Team Size: Individuals
3 Categories: Men 18-40 years, Men Veteran 41 years and above, Women 18 years and above.
Entry fee : RM 50 per person
Trophies for the CHAMPION team in each category
Medals for the FIRST RUNNER-UP team in each category
Medals for the SECOND RUNNER-UP team in each category
+ really, really fabulous Sponsors’ prizes

4. Registration and Entry forms
Entry forms will be available on our Facebook page and at shortly. Keep a look out!

5. Payment Method and Early Bird
All payment will to be made in Ringgit Malaysia. You may pay by cash, cheque or via online credit card. All overseas participants, please pay by credit card only. Email us for details:
10% Early Bird Discount will be given to all participants who register and pay before 31st May 2010.

6. Volunteers
Volunteering is a great way to experience the Eco X race minus the huffing and puffing! We are looking for responsible and hardworking people who have initiative and just a touch of sadism! If you are willing to do some hiking or have some rock climbing skills, that’s a plus, but not essential. Just email us at giving your contact details and be ready for some fun!

7. Upcoming updates
Check on Nomad Adventure Facebook page and at The info will be uploaded as soon as we finalise things. The next newsletter will only be sent to registered teams and participants. Expect more info on:
Further details for Eco X Cycle Mountain Bike race.
Compulsory equipment
Directions to Race Base Camp
Hotel and Accommodation Packages
Transport Packages from Singapore
Bike Transport Packages
Race Testing and Race clinics
Sponsor’s updates and Special offers to registered participants

8. Contact Details
For further enquiries please email
You can phone us at (603) 7958 5152 / 7958 3151 / 7958 4151 from 10 am to 6 pm
Or drop in to our office at:
525, Jalan 17/13, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Nomad Eco-X Adventure Race
Nomad Eco-X Adventure Race


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