Only Beauty Branded Apparel & Perfume Sales 8 – 11 Apr 10

Up to 70% Off

Rip Curl
Lee Cooper
Polo RL

Elizabeth Arden
Britney Spears

The Crest
Ground Gloor, 3, Two Square,
2, Jalan 19/1,
46300 Petaling Jaya
10am – 10pm

Only Beauty Branded Apparel & Perfume Sales & map

12 thoughts on “Only Beauty Branded Apparel & Perfume Sales 8 – 11 Apr 10

  1. CLothes are wrinkled, 1 piece for 1 design mostly
    a lot of them hanged but some in offer bins
    very few sales staff to help
    cashier not many ppl queue – 2 cashiers – imagine!

    Parking RM2 for 1st 2 hrs in the square, RM1 for next hr each.

    Good thing is air cond works

  2. Fragrance onlyhv Givenchy amirage & marriage RM60 or so. Fcuk her. Versace blue jeans rm60. A few more not famous brands. tat’s all! less than metrojaya w/s

    Clothes have 2 sections – females n males. Sports t-shirts are rm49.90. Got t-shirts, blouse, skirts, few pants, jeans, formal men shirts, leather boots/ No fitting room. Got almost full length mirror.

  3. DKNY ladies tops RM49.90
    Roxy, Zara blouse RM39.90
    Billabong RM29.90
    Nike RM59.90
    Sports jacket RM99.90
    Adidas t-shirts RM49.90
    CK t-shirts RM49.90

    There’s lucky draw once you’ve paid.

  4. Bvlgari – didn’t see
    Davidoff – didn’t see
    Elizabeth Arden – didn’t see
    CK – didn’t see
    Versace – about 6 bottles of 1 smell – blue jeans only
    Burberry – didn’t see
    Kenzo- didn’t see
    fcuk – 1 bottle only!
    Britney Spears- didn’t see

    WTH.. 2 out of 9

    Sorely disappointed!!

  5. if u r looking for bikini & swimwear, forget it! none from billabong or roxy.

    men’s shirts old

    no kids clothes

    didnt see any polo RL!

  6. went there and and it was a pure waste of time. i went around for a couple minutes and was so disappointed that i just left.

    like Ram said above, most of the fragrance brands on the advertisements weren’t even there (maybe someone already bought the ONE bottle of each they did have in stock).

    deceptive and false advertising.

  7. no words can describe my disappointment. was hoping to find bvlgari’s perfume..yes i saw one..mind you..only one and so tiny!! it was what..5ml?? or was it less than that?? selling for rm28..the clothes are so buruk n not sure whether original or not..agree with you waste of time..

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