Jakel Year End Sale 18 – 31 Dec 09

Do you find it irritating that companies advertise their websites only for you to find out that the site is under construction?

Jakel (1) Jakel (2)
What a potong steam!

Did you know Jakel is proudly 100% Bumiputera owned? Do you buy products or services from companies that are specifically controlled by one race only?

Fabrics clearance discount up to 85%


6 thoughts on “Jakel Year End Sale 18 – 31 Dec 09

  1. dun u think u’r being racist with those remarks?? As if there’s no wholly owned chinese or indian businesses out there. That is unnecessary and uncalled for, man!

  2. @cancun: I don’t believe asking question about it is racist. It is what we think when we interpret the question. No doubt there are other races owning businesses but have you noticed any companies that advertise they are purely Chinese or Indian businesses?

    As consuemr, the important thing is I get my value back for the price I pay. I care if the company is not abusing animals, people and environment, not the races. But if a company publishes it’s Bumiputera owned, that means the company is race-selective. WHat is racist then?

  3. Man..that kind of statement can get you into a lot of trouble..i suggest u remove it..its totally racist remarks..Malaysian can shop wherever they want wheter its 100% malay, chinese or indian business..WTF r u thinking???

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