Is there any right for transexuals?

Big day ... Ian and Fatine at their 2009 civil ceremony
The Sun (UK) – I fell for the woman of my dreams… and she turned out to be a he

Do you think that we should stop a person from changing sex? Do you think it’s fair to judge a person from outward gender? Do you think we control our gender or the environment?

The Star (MY) – Transsexuals: The paperwork is just too much & Transsexual worries for safety after negative reactions to ‘marriage’
The Nut Graph – Fatine’s right to dignity


4 thoughts on “Is there any right for transexuals?

  1. Honestly, as a transsexual myself. The answer is, no, we don’t. We don’t have the right to marry the ones we love, We don’t have the right to fair employment, We don’t have the right to change our particulars on our ID’s, We don’t have the right to be free from being discriminated against. And at any time, we can be fined or even arrested by police, ordered to strip, be raped and/or molested, detained in a male jail or prison, all this because of our decision to lives as our mind perceives fit.

    So, how many human rights violations is Malaysia responsible for? You decide.

    But remember this :
    I chose to be transgendered, the very same day you chose to be heterosexual.

  2. I think we should let transexuals live the life they want, after all they are falling in love, being with the person they love and not harming anyone. Why do we want to hurt them just because they are not heterosexual?

    I don’t get why some guys hate transexuals and gays just because of their sexual preferences. Can’t you just respect them for being human?

  3. Raik : You are such a transphobic person. Malaysia is not a place for this kind of people? We were born here, and we are Malaysian citizens like everyone else. We deserve the same rights as everyone else. Let me ask you, what is your problem against transsexuals? The fact is, being transsexual is not a problem, but people like you, that’s what the problem is. Just because we are not like everyone else, just because we have the courage to live our lives in the way that society considers taboo, we are discriminated against, by people like you! Malaysia is not a place for people like you, Raik. As a matter of fact, nowhere on earth is a palce for people like you.

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