Avenue K & KLCC Christmas 2009

KLCC Christmas 2009 (1)
Parking in KLCC behind the mosque is RM2 for 1st hour, then RM1 for next hours.. Cheaper than park inside KLCC but if you are Isetan member, you can get free parking (T&C applies, of coz).

KLCC Christmas 2009 (2)
Corns among the laces

Walked from KLCC’s park to Avenue K for Metrojaya Branded Cosmetics & Fragrances Clearance Sale 1 – 8 Dec 09

KLCC Christmas 2009 (3)
Pity Avenue K. Empty except a handful of shops opened. Everyone just goes to KLCC instead. See Metrojaya at the end, near the sunshine?

It’s just a small area with Nudy, Kate, Freschel – the same price rate as the previous Metrojaya clearance in Times (named as Metrojaya Shopping fest 30 Oct – 8 Nov 09) to avoid people thinking that Metrojaya is closing there?

lipstick & lipgloss RM10 – RM15
a few RM8
eyeshadow under old packaging

cleansing oil RM25
whitening & acne whitening lotion RM20-RM25
concealer RM20-RM25

some hair gel for guys

2-way powder foundation RM25

Fragrances – forget it if you are looking for real fashion brands.

Tempted to buy something just for sake of buying something. After all, I had drove all the way and could use cleansing oil for removing makeup. BUT, Chanel’s cleansing oil durin warehouse sale was what, RM30 above and this Freschel (drugstore brand in Japan) was RM25. Didn’t buy anything there.

Back to KLCC.

KLCC Christmas 2009 (4)

Guess the brand for this visual display:
KLCC Christmas 2009 (6)
Stuffs stick to the mannequin. Creative or mad? Answer at the end of this post.

Ground floor is where there are LOTS of colours.
KLCC Christmas 2009 (8)
Ginger bread house

KLCC Christmas 2009 (9)
Tall Christmas tree

KLCC Christmas 2009 (11)

Wish tree – great idea!

KLCC Christmas 2009 (12)

KLCC Christmas 2009 (13)

KLCC Christmas 2009 (14)

Throngs of people going to PIKOM PC Fair 2009 (III) 25 Nov 09 – 10 Jan 10

And the answer is…

KLCC Christmas 2009 (7)
I love Chanel’s vision, designs & advertising but this display is weird. Any idea why behind the display?


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