1Utama Bargain Corners – Nov 09 – Jan 10

27 Nov – 6 Dec 2009
Lovely Lace
Discount up to 70%

11 – 20 Dec 2009
Kitschen, nichii
Item as low as RM9.90!

23 – 27 Dec 2009
Discount up to 80%

30 Dec 2009 – 10 Jan 2010
S&M Jewellery * Black Queen
Discount up to 50%

Ground Floor, Rainforest


3 thoughts on “1Utama Bargain Corners – Nov 09 – Jan 10

  1. Lovely Lace – I must say I expected deserted place at the bargains crorner. Nnot many ppl go there even for warehosue sales. This is not the exception. But there are a lot of lace decorations that my daughters would love and some soft toys.

    Thanks for posting this hidden sale.

  2. Went very early for the Niichi and Kitschen sale. Disappointing.

    1. Clothes were nicely arranged, not scattered or thrown into clearance bins in the usual clearance sale setting. They were nicely hang onto hangers.

    2. Price range was decent, from RM9.90 to 49.90

    1. No fitting allowed! Though there were 2 fitting rooms, there were no curtains and the area was blocked anyway. So it’s quite clear – China man style, discounted price, you take the risk because you cannot try them on. This is to reduce clothing damages done by irresponsible ladies with make up or in denial of their larger than they thought sizes, hence clothes are often stained with lipstick and torn.

    I saw a few working attire items that I thought was good deal, however, I did not want to take the risk as no fitting was allowed.

    If you are a frequent purchases of Niichi and Kitschen items, perhaps this clearance sale would benefit you more as you are used to the sizes and measurements. However, different clothings have different cutting and style…

    So I guess I was pretty disappointed and upset that they didn’t open the fitting room.

  3. Kitschen – there are fitting rooms but they are BLOCKED! Items from RM9.90 for clothes that come in many sizes. There are even clothes hanger at RM3. The worst thing is No trying. Clothes looked ok, not exactly good quality considering the actual price for some of them.

    Even Padini allowed trying in it’s warehouse sales. Both are local copmanies. WHy can’t Kitschen sell like Padini? It wants to be like Sg Wang & Times Square all RM20 shops cannot try?

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