Dior Exceptional Value 14 Nov 09

Skin Care

No Bag are allowed in the Sale Venue
Transaction by cash, Visacard or Mastercard (min purchase RM100 and above)

The Coronade Hotel (beside Lot 10)
Melati Room, Level 2
Jalan Walter Grenier
55100 Kuala Lumpur

9am – 6pm


3 thoughts on “Dior Exceptional Value 14 Nov 09

  1. Must be the most quiet Dior ws I had been! No queues! Handful of ppl at 12+pm!!!


    Lipstick/gloss at RM40. Fahrenheit, Jadore refill 3x15ml, Dior Addict 2, Cherie 100ml. Very limited products!!!

    FOundation, 5-colours eyeshadow, cellulite micro-peel, lotion in pack of 6 sample bottles that have stickers “not for sale”.

    Didn’t buy anything.

  2. Haaaa.. tot I missed a lot by missing this sale and the previous 1 at their own building this week..
    Maybe DIor is getting less unaccessible again to bargain hunters like us, like CHanel

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