L’Oreal Malaysia Luxury Great Deals 31 Oct 09

L'Oréal Malaysia LPD Great Deals

Shu Uemura
Ralph Lauren
Giorgio Armani
Guy Laroche

Parkroyal KL
Plaza Ballroom, Lower Lobby
10am – 7pm

info from Serena @ picasso world


5 thoughts on “L’Oreal Malaysia Luxury Great Deals 31 Oct 09

  1. There’s also metrojaya clearance on sembonia, carlo rino shoes and bags. Inside the department store, Kate at 80%! Maybelline at 30% Sally Hansen 50% revlon silky girl left over from isetan warehouse sales

  2. There wasn’t much queue in the morning around 10am. Probably because it was raining in the early morning!

    There are 3 warehouse sales in Parkroyal this weekend – this, Moschino, Lulu Guiness, Blugirl (from Blumarine) and Delsey on the 2nd floor.

    Instead of 1 queue line, there’re 2 big lanes and this caused some people to jump queue. It happened to me and I informed the staff on duty but he only shrugged, “You should’ve told me earlier.”

    Yeah. I told him what did he or the management do to prevent this in the future? Nothing.

    There are:

    Ralph Lauren fragrances – Romance, Romance Always Yours (both over RM120), Romance Silver, Notorious (RM80 – RM100), Ralph (red, blue) and Ralph Style (no more by the time I left).

    Giorgio Armani – City Glam (very few left, maybe none now), Diamonds, Mania.

    Cacharel Noa (no more when I left), Promese, Amor, Anais Anais from RM60.

    Diesel Fuel for Life. Love the gold bottle..

    Lancome skincare & fragrances – Tresor, So Magic!, Miracle Forever, Hypnose (all over RM100-RM180 for fragrances). At certain hours, there’s Buy 1 Free 1 – heard there was Eye Mask for Anti-Aging RM120 (or RM150) & free 1.

    Biotherm – skincare & foundation. Didn’t check this out.

    Kiehl’s 2007 acne/oil treatment (all of them with alcohol which is not good for oily skin as it’s too drying) RM30-RM50, moisturizer & body scrub.

    Giorgio Armani – foundation from RM70 (pressed powder & liquid), eyeshadow, brushes, etc.

    Shu Uemura – this is the only time I managed to see Cleansing Oil from SU but didn’t buy them. Deepsea tubes RM60, limited skincare & makeup.

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  4. I didn’t find anyhting to byuy at 1st.. but after walking the rounds, found something to buy. I think there are sme ppl who just walked in n out without buying anything. Some of the things are more $$ than alst time.

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