Prettydeal Coach VIP sale until 15 Sep 09

Up to 70% off for Coach

100% new & authentic designers handbags – Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Burberry, Burberry Blue Label, etc

                   ~ always authentic branded bags for less ~

Contact: PL


One thought on “Prettydeal Coach VIP sale until 15 Sep 09

  1. TOO PRICEY. The currency is not based on market but is fixed at much more higher. For eg LV= 5.9 instead of 5. 4, the current market and for Couch you add 30% ( x 1.3) ended up the price is JUST SLIGHTLY CHEAPER than shop.

    I have check the couch that i want is sell at RM 1075 in The Gardens. Whereas in couch website is USD198 = RM680 (USD198 x RM3.4++). However , charges is RM926.64 (USD198 x 1.3 x 3.6). That mean is cheaper by RM148. Customer has saved13.7% (RM148/RM1075)

    … but got to bear the…… risk of internet purchasing (common issues) and paid 50% upfront but get the product few weeks later. Do you think worth it? One thing is customer does not enjoy the service provided by couch that is free washing for 6 months-something like guarantee and the feeling buying sth luxury in the shop. I know there is no force in between the deal but somehow i just want to share my personal view, how could such a deal can give customer GUARANTEE 40% to 80% DISCOUNT as per your website

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