L’Oreal Consumer warehouse sales 16 – 17 Sep 09

11am – 7pm


Corus Hotel,


2 thoughts on “L’Oreal Consumer warehouse sales 16 – 17 Sep 09

  1. There are 2 sections – haircare & skincare+cosmetics. Almost no queue this late morning :D

    Haircare – hair dyes, the usual Elseve shampoo RM10, RM12 for free miniature, conditioner, hair mask RM15 from red, orange, yellow bottles. Leave in available for red & pink range only. The honey range only had mask. L’Oreal Professional studio fix line RM10/above.

    Skincare+cosmetics – 1 row of L’Oreal & Garnier, the other row of Maybelline. Almost same price as previous w/s.
    L’Oreal Skin Genesis sets from RM60. Originally RM50 but later shaded to be RM60 & those RM60 became RM70. Didn’t ask if the staff had put the wrong price or they decided to mark up the $. Moisturizers from RM30 if they were from this line. Men’s Expert Range available too but didn’t check out the prices..

    L’Oreal mascara from RM10 (Volume Shocking), Double extension RM15 – RM25, Star set RM30 (eyeshadowx3, blusher & lipstick). Lipstick Glam Shine RM10, Colour Riche RM10-15. There’s nailcolour also. Foundation from RM25, no concealer, blusher RM15 and very limited eyeliner.

    Garnier – about the same $ as retail during sale.

    Maybelline – lipstick RM10 IMHO, it’s better to get L’Oreal’s Colour Riche that’s longer lasting at the same price this time, lipgloss RM5/++, eyeshadow RM10 onwards for trio & quad (both old & new version), mascara, foundation, blusher, eyeliner, etc.

    Payment is at the skincare area, lots of cashiers. In fact, some of the cashiers just sat there waiting for the customers to pay. Definately NOT packed as before. Just need to wait 0-2 person to view at the products.

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