L’oreal Consumer Products Division warehouse sale 24 – 26 Jun 09

L'Oreal CPD warehouse sale

Excellence Haircolor
Studio Line
Elseve Haircare

Cash & Visa or Mastercard credit card
Goods sold are not returnable or exchangeable
Good purchased are limited to a max of 5 pieces per item per customer

11am – 7pm

Dataran Hamodal,
Section 13, Petaling Jaya


6 thoughts on “L’oreal Consumer Products Division warehouse sale 24 – 26 Jun 09

  1. Quite a lot of ppl during lunch time. SUPER HARD to find parking around the area, even if u go to another block!

    mascara – telescopic, xxl, volume RM15
    eyeshadow – 3 colours in 1 RM10, Eye Studio Quads RM15
    lipstick – RM10
    lipgloss – fruity – RM5
    eyeliner – RM10
    couldn’t find any eyebrow liner this time or I had missed them…
    there was foundation – angel & mineral but limited

    hair mask – elseve RM15
    shampoo, conditioner, leave-in RM8/++
    lipstick & gloss – glam shine RM10, color riche RM12, others RM15
    eyeshadow – skin tone collection, stars collection RM20
    foundation RM25/++
    styling products RM15 if not mistaken
    slimming green thing – RM15
    Derma Gensis set RM100

    A few of Vichy – cleanser, UV protection

    Lightening (yellow) set RM25 (free Maybelline Unstoppable mascara)
    Cleanser RM8
    Toner RM5 if not mistaken..
    Moisturizer RM5
    Scrub RM8 – RM10
    Lightening body – RM10

  2. L’Oreal mascara – double extension (blue, gold & black) RM20 there was another mascara but I forgot what it was..

    The Indian girl manning the L’oreal lipstick was very slow. SHe seemed to be unable to find the products as fast as other ppl who were in charge of other products and she gave other girls their pieces 1st when I came & asked for my colour.. and then, she gave the wrong colour to me!

    Overall I had a great time! There’s more option for eyeshadow from L’oreal this time and Maybelline too. but the trio colours for maybelline is more expensivethan last time – it was RM10 for 3, now 1 for RM10.

  3. there’s about 10 cashier, cash is always faster..

    a lot of the staffs are part timers & some of them may not even use the products they are stationed with so no need ot ask them questions which 1 is better, what’s my colour etc .. unless ur sales staff is really sales ass/promoters.

    lots of hair dyes this time.

    got l’oreal milk cleanser RM10 only! pure zone without micro beads RM10 also… any1 remember the original price for that? the pure zone cleansing gel is no longer sold in retail – pump version. instead it’s all coming iwth beads now.

    got men expert also.

    this time they hv music, DJ who list out the products & prices gleefully

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