Euro Moda & Gulati’s Sale

(end date?)

Up to 80% on fabrics

Gulati’s Bridal Package at RM300

Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (near Sogo)
+603 2698 3901


5 thoughts on “Euro Moda & Gulati’s Sale

  1. I’m a regular customer of Gulati’s. I’m in WP Labuan and I used to buy chiffon material from Gulati’s in 1 Bornoe, KK,Sabah. I went there last Monday but I couldn’t find Gulati’s. I was informed that it had moved to Suria Sabah but yet it wasn’t there..Please let me know where is Gulati’s now located. Thank you

  2. i went all the way to jalan TAR + went to see his tailor, mr kalam + bought a french silk tailor made for my last hari raya dress, i collected it just 2 days b4 raya + was upset cause it was sewed upside down+ the inner turn as the outer layer, i was charged at RM 280 per metre (offered price)

    ive ordered a custom made of the same material at jalan TAR wisma yakin in different colour a month before.

    i was so upset and return it back

    the replaced it within one month later ie some where on november 2010

    since i away in europe for quite sometime, only today when my maid clean up both dress and hang it together.. i was shocked

    for the replacement materials from EURO MODA, they have given me a replacement of different materials even the same colour

    when it was wet only then i noticed that the one been replace was using a cheap silk

    it was badly wrinkle all over compared to the one i bought in wisma yakin

    i strongly advise if any one were to Euro Moda or Gulati’s.. just be extra coutiuos esp on tailored made

    the shirt cause me rm 700 but so upset till today

    march 6, 2011

    • RM700 for a shirt is expensive. Of course we wud expect the best quality & service from that kind of $. Thanks for sharing your experience. I just tot of going to tailor made @euro moda for this raya. Definitely not then!

    • haha, you are cheated by euro moda. the materials mostly are from india, china and korea. none of the materials from italy n france. you are cheated.

  3. Well I have got one suit stiched from them and i have not seen quality like Euro moda anywhere else.Perfect fit and latest style.
    Will definately visit soon for my wedding suit as well.Keep up Euro Moda.

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