3 thoughts on “Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear warehouse sale 24 – 271008

  1. i understand that Zara sold a lot of pig skin lining shoes and bags or anything made of leather. but usually they didn’t mix it up and provide adequate warnings so that we Muslims will not accidentally touched it and have to go to all the cleaning rituals that we observed. but this warehouse sale perhaps out of all the chaos no longer observe this and simply mix everything together. i know its real busy and all and i tried to be understanding. however, perhaps in the future the organizer could have just put everything with pig skin lining at one designated place. its real sad because when its mixed together not only we can accidentally touch it but we may also lose the opportunity of buying the one with no pig skin element accessories or apparels because they were mixed. put it simply, its like putting vegetarian food side by side with meats but worse because it was mixed together.

  2. i’ve been in this morning to buy my baby clothes from Bandar Utama, the cashier promoter is very bad attidute & show face dislike, i dun know why? or may be all of the promoter attidute is a same like tat!!! i know its may be is busy on sale time, pls keep smile and friendliness to the best of one’s ability!!!!!!

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