Watsons Shop & Win Contest 0209 – 051008

Grand Prize x 3: iPod

1st Prize x 20: RM100 Watsons voucher

2nd Prize x 20: adidas jersey

How to play?
* Each participant is given 20 seconds to complete each level.
* There will be 5 level in each game which simulate different sections.
* The task of the game is to buy any combination of virtual products that sum up to the target budget given for each level. The sum of products’ price cannot less or more than the budget given.
* The target budget is randomly generated for each level.
* Failing to complete the task within the 20 seconds in any level, the participant needs to proceed to the next level with earning minimum 1 point from the level.
* The score is calculated based on the seconds remained after completing the task.
* The total score earn from each game by a participant will be the total score from each level.

Watsons Shop & Win Contest