Sogo Hari Raya Grand Sale 0709 – 051008

Starz Garden Raya Exclusive ²
From 13 Sep 08 onwards
Get two of 1-hour Starz Garden Voucher for the first 200 customers with purchases above RM500 from Children’s World.

Duit Raya Packet ¹ ²
FREE 5-pc of Raya Packets with any storewide purchase above RM100 in a single receipt.

Raya Paper Bag ¹ ²
FREE Exclusive Design Raya Paper Bag with any storewide purchase above RM200 in a single receipt.

¹ From 7 Sept ’08 onwards
² Get them at Customer Service Centre, 7th Floor

Friven & Co Warehouse Clearance Bonanza Fair [flyer]
29 Aug – 11 Sep 2008

70% + 20% Off
Perrin De Rossi

5th floor Event Hall

Raya ContestJom Balik Kampung
1 – 21 Sep 2008

Stand a chance to win Shopping Vouchers worth RM10,000 in this contest. Simply spend RM200 (S CARD members) or RM300 (non-members) on a storewide purchases in a single receipt to qualify. Fill in the form and wait for the draw, It’s that easy!

10 x RM1,000 KL SOGO Shopping Vouchers.

Sogo Hari Raya Grand Sale 0709 - 051008 – Hari Raya Grand Sale

By the way, is finally up with contents.

For Sogo members: Promotions for SCard members