Digitalmall IT & Handphone Price Crash 050908

5 – 7 Sep 2008

RM20 000 cash vouchers are given out DAILY!

Original mobile phone sets with orgiiginal manufacturers warranty at COST PRICE (dealier’s cost price @ participating outlets only)

Price list:

2, Jalan 14/20, Section 14,
46100 Petaling Jaya
+603 7968 3311, +603 7955 4394

Blog management – Template update

Been wanting to change the template to something brighter for months. This is Albeo, the latest theme from WP. Pretty.

Now to move from physical aesthetics to reading this blog.

Since an event may be held a few times a year and you wouldn’t know when it is/was unless you move your mouse over the link to see the URL, new posts will also have the start date of the event at the end of the title. Format’s the same as the (latest updated date on posts).

So.. what if there is another update on the post? It’ll look like this “Template update 040908 (050908)”. Confusing? Darn right.

Among the formats that I’m thinking:

  • Template update 040908 (updated 050908)
  • 040908 Template update (050908)
  • Template update Sep 08 [change the publish date]

Those will be confusing.. and these are not your worries as readers.

OK :)

What do you first look for in a post – what is the post about, then to find out more info about it like date, time, place or when it’s going to be held (no point reading posts for yesterdays’ events), then more info?

Which site do you recommend to create free survey?