Petronas Super Car Craze

Until 31 Mar 2008

Spend minimum RM20 cash at Petronas with Kad Mesra or payment through any Petronas affiliated card/credit card/debit card and stand a chance to win a “Super Car” plus RM1 million in cash prizes!

The 6 “Super Car” are:
– BMW 320i AC Schnitzer
– Subaru Impreza STi
– Mitsubishi EVO 9
– Honda Civic Type R
– Mini Cooper S*
– Auto TT*

* Exclusive for Kad Mesra members

Mesralink 1 300 888 181
Petronas Super Car Craze
Kad Mesra – Petronas Super Car Craze

4 thoughts on “Petronas Super Car Craze

  1. kak cik, as per the Terms & Conditions:
    The following persons shall not be eligible to participate in the Contest:

    1. Employees of the PETRONAS group of companies and their immediate family members;
    2. Employees of Electronic Commerce Technology Sdn Bhd and their immediate family members, their advertising and promotional agencies; and.
    3. PETRONAS stations dealers as well as their immediate family member.

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