Free pickup for donation

Seri Sinar Charity Foundation (Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (P.A.S.S)) in Cheras is providing free pick-up service to those who want to give away useable furniture (sofa, bed, cupboard), electrical items (fan, VCD player), household items (clothing, cooking utensils, toys) and food (instant noodle, rice) for the needy.

It’s a great way to declutter your home, have good fengshui and give away goods (still useable) for charity and non-usable for recycling. Click here for helpful hints on saving our earth.

You can also find pickup boxes like these:
Seri Sinar Charity Foundation Recycling Box
Seri Sinar Charity Foundation Recycling Box locations

Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (P.A.S.S)

Call +603 4297 7022 /4297 5022 to arrange for the pick-up service. I send stuff there a few times per month too :D


37 thoughts on “Free pickup for donation

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  2. it would be good if you guys could provide the list of such recycling center (above photo) so we could go stright there to place our stuff.

  3. Hi, have 3 pieces of furniture for donation: –

    1) 3 seater leather sofa
    2) Shoe cabinet
    3) Kitchen pantry cabinet

    I can sms the pictures for your reference if required

  4. Hi, have some furniture for office for donation as follows as below: –

    1) Chairs
    3)Book Rak

    pls reply me asap~i need donation its tommorow cause we are shifting our office. If no we are going to throw it. the furniture still in good condition in use.


    Kuala Lumpur.

  5. Hello. Your link below does not work. Need to know the details to locations. Please update as soon as possible. Thank you
    Seri Sinar Charity Foundation Recycling Box
    Seri Sinar Charity Foundation Recycling Box locations

  6. I am moving Hse and want to donate some furniture and recycleable items in butterworth Penang. Can you provide me the contact center or person? Tq

  7. hi I have some old items like, Wooden Headboard, computer table, dismantled drawer, windows items, some plastics & etc… if possible contact me Urgent!

  8. Hv a good condition 2 seater leather chair to give away but was told only take a full set. Very picky on charity items…so disappointed.

  9. i have an old cabinet which its a combination tv and book shelving.. which this cabinet have made tonnes of dust.. i would like to donate it to PASIM.. but my house is at kepong.. can you come and pick-up my cabinet here..

    • Hi,
      I would to know if anyone have contacted u about free pick up because I’ve been waiting for quite some time. Any solutions yet?
      Thank you :)

  10. Hi, I would like to find out if u still provide pick up service. I have a lot of old clothes to give away and books as well. Your reply will be much appreciated. Thank you. :)

  11. Hi , i have some items in good conditions to donate before i move out, please let me know if you still providing pick up services , thanks . Items as listed below :

    1. one sofa bed (conditions: 90% )
    2. one solid wood wardrobe ( 4ft long x 6 ft high ) (Conditions : 95%)
    3. 3 pcs TV Cabinet made of tempered glass (95%)
    4. Desk (conditions: 80% , just some wear and tear on the legs but doesnt affect the functionality )
    5. Magazine & books

  12. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am moving this weekend and have the following items to be given away urgently:

    1. 1 living room sofa (3+2+1) still usable condition to be given away (comes with an additional set of sofa covers)
    2. 1 Toshiba 29” TV
    3. 1 Philips DVD player
    4. 1 TV rack
    5. 2 wardrobes (3 doors: not in perfect condition but with a bit of fixing can be used)
    6. 1 tall bedroom dresser
    7. 1 metal bed
    8. 4 used mattresses
    9. 1 small kitchen low cabinet
    10. 1 small coffee table
    11. 3 big bags of clothes (all in good condition)
    12. Clothes dryer (1 big and 1 small)
    13. Books
    14. 1 book cabinet (tall)
    15. 1 book cabinet (small)
    16. Curtains
    17. 1 Electrolux vacuum cleaner
    18. Many other small items

    Would it be possible to pick up these items this Saturday, 2 May 2015? Pick up from Cheras. Thank you, look forward to your feedback soonest.

    Best regards,
    Jayanthi Asokan (Jay)

  13. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for your feedback, managed to contact Pertubuhan Kebajikan Masyarakat Melalui Kitar Semula (Community Recycle For Charity – CRC), they have arranged for pick up on Sat :-)

    if anyone is interested you can also contact them to donate your stuff:
    Lot 13D, Jalan Simpang Balak,
    Kampung Simpang Balak,
    43000 Kajang, Selangor.
    Tel : 0387379151 Fax : 0387349151
    Website : or


  14. Hi i want I am moving from Malaysia and want to give my utensils, adult and children cloths, curtains, blankets, mattresses, towels etc to charity. All items are from Australia, in good condition and some are even brand new. Whatever you deem too ragged you may discard. Please email me for a pick up as i have over 8 large bags and will leave in 2 weeks.

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