Comparison between Guardian & Watson’s

Both companies are everywhere in Malaysia and sells affordable cosmetics, skincare, health care supplements and products, hair accessories, bags, slippers and medicine. Both are the more aggressive companies in advertisement and marketing than other personal care and pharmacies here. Yet they sell almost the same thing in every category.

GCH Retail (M) Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, formerly known as Dairy Farm Giant Retail,
also operates Giant, Cold Storage. Guardian is proud of being a ‘Made in Malaysia’ company. However, Dairy Farm (Dairy Farm International Holdings Limited) is from Hong Kong with legal base in Bermuda (!) and is part of the Jardine Matheson Group.

Interesting info about Jardines: Jardines started off as an Opium smuggler into China but withdrew from the Opium trade in 1870. – Wikipedia – Jardine Matheson Group

Guardian's website screenshot

has more webpages than Watsons but some of the webpages do not contain anything other than a sentence.

Guardian New Products
Disappointing. The website is not updated but Guardian plasters ads in newspapers and print flyers in outlets. (Watson’s does the same)

There are very brief guides on health care under Health Talk:
Guardian Health Talk

There great thing is there’s a Sign up for e-Coupon for free but so far, I’ve yet to receive any e-Coupon. Unh… Promotions page is not updated.

There’s also Store Directory where you can find outlets in Malaysia with quite a lot of info:
Guardian Store Directory

The One You Trust

A.S. Watson, Hong Kong which is under Hutchison Whampoa Limited or HWL.In 2005, A S Watson Group (ASW) acquired 20 Apex Pharmacy stores from Apex Healthcare Bhd. In some outlets, you may see Apex’s and Watson’s signages and price tags on the products.

In Malaysia, Watson’s under Watson’s Personal Care Store Sdn Bhd, which is under Hutchison Whampoa Group.

Watson's Personal Care Store website screenshot

Whoa. A url should be easy to remember and type and most of all, relevant to the company, not the host company!

The pictures are from 2005 and content is not updated. Actually, there’s not much content in the first place.
Watson's products
There’s also very obvious hosting from eAsia2u which is bad and good for both companies. Everyone who comes to this site knows Watson’s website is hosted (created and maintained?) by eAsia2u, which is exposure for eAsia2u. The bad thing is hosting companies should not take the spotlight from the customers/clients when it’s the customers’ website. When the website is not complete, bad navigation, not updated, etc – it reflects to the over-exposed eAsia2u.

A.S. Watson Group
Watson’s Your Personal Store

Both Guardian and Watson‘s also have a lot of promotions (weekly, PWP, charity) and contests that sometimes it’s hard to keep track where is what.

So, which is your favourite pharmacy?


12 thoughts on “Comparison between Guardian & Watson’s

  1. We love GUARDIAN!!

    Guardian rocks … cos Guardian sells the stuff that we like and use! :)

    PLUS .. Guardian’s sales are more frequent and more products are featured. AND Guardian is located everywhere!! :)

    To answer the question of Ilb … Guardian is owned by Dairy Farm .. so thereotically speking, its a HK company! :)

  2. Some of Guardian’s weekly special sales items are really cheap as compare with Watson. But i’ve experienced that Watson got better price in terms of their best price or twin-pack items. Somemore, i feel that their products are been selling very fast, so that i always get ‘fresher’ product from the shelf. Although, i do spend at Guardian.. but I’m absolute a Watson supporter~!!

  3. Guardian has the best promotions and also the best range of products. Would definitely support Guardian all the way. It is everywhere in Malaysia in more than 300 stores.

    Guardian Rocks..

  4. Most of the times when I compre prices between the two, I find that Watson’s sells cheaper than Guardian. I am not talking about 50 cents cheaper but a few RM cheaper. In cost cutting measurement, Guardian KLCC lowers down the aircond temperature. I feel uncomfortable to stay there longer, hence I just grab what’s in front of me. At this time & age, consumers are always made the victim….. small issue about the aircond but i wish Guardian would list all its products online so people could check it out and later go to the stores to get them….. Just my couple of cents…..

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