Luxasia Fragrance Warehouse Clearance

28 – 29 Jul 2007
10am – 5.30pm

Dataran Hamodal
2nd Floor Block A
Jalan Bersatu 13/4
Section 13
Petaling Jaya

up to 80% Discount

CK – Calvin Klein
Carolina Herrera
Issey Miyake
JPG – Jean Paul Gaultier
Jennifer Lopez
Nina Ricci
Paco Rabanne
Paul Smith
Salvatore Ferragamo
Stella McCartney
Thierry Mugler
YSL – Yves Saint Laurent

NO Handbags, Pouches, Helmets allowed
Credit Card payment: Minimum RM150 in a Single Receipt

Luxasia Fragrance Warehouse Clearance


10 thoughts on “Luxasia Fragrance Warehouse Clearance

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  3. how can i get early notice some sort like mailing me at my mail about Luxasia Fragrance Warehouse Clearance next to come??

  4. It was a good buy. Spent about RM3,000.00 for the 2 days. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a good system for the first day. I had to queue up for almost 4 hours just to pay. Perhaps, next time, there’s a need to open up more counters to pay. Yes, I totally agree that you need to open up the boxes because there are customers who insert small items in the boxes. And..what a wastage because you cannot control the customers opening the boxes and testing and spraying the perfumes on to their body like nobody else’s business and later on, the dump it on the floor and the act being repeated by other customers of the same kind. On top of that, I saw with my very own eyes, how a customer removed the items from the boxes simply because nobody is there to check while waiting for her turn to pay. These dishonest people got the cheek to explain that it will cost less if the perfume were not in their boxes and just to make them feel guilty, I asked them, oh…like that one aahhhh…I also can dolah………….anyway…it is worth the long wait…..Only thing is, please, please the next time around, plan and be more organised. Thank you.

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  6. im really keen to know when’s the upcoming Luxasia fragrance warehouse sales..

    the last time i encountered was in yr 2004..
    had good buys & no doubt i spent alot jz in a day

    didnt get any updates aft dat

    sigh..hopefully tis yr il get informed abt tis.
    i missed the 2007 sales

    anyone who has info on tis< kindly do inform me..
    much appreciate..

  7. Ya…me too waited so long for Luxasia fragrance warehouse sale…do inform me as well or please update in PASIM. Thanks a lot…

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