Baby Kiko Warehouse Sale

26 – 29 Jul 2007
10am – 5pm

1 Jalan Industri PBP 13
Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Puchong
+603 8068 8888

RM1 – RM18 only

Amazing Babies


63 thoughts on “Baby Kiko Warehouse Sale

  1. Azleen, awaiting reply from Baby Kiko.

    Napsiah & AnitaAzni, please check updates or subscribe to PASIM (updates with other companies as well besides Baby Kiko) with Baby Kiko for future sales as PASIM does not include the function to update readers on specific companies.

  2. hi azleen, napisah & AnitaAzni…..

    the sale was start on yesterday…. i went to the sale… for me, quite disponted laa….
    tempat warehouse to to small… ramai org kat dlm tuh n make the area so hot…. baju2 yg
    dijual mcm baju biasa utk pkai kat umah… clothes like dress/pants/jeans/kemeja…. sya
    mmg x jumpa…. toiletries cam shampoo, bath, lotion n baby wipes tu byk la jgak… acce. for kids cam beg ke… topi ke…. pon takdak…. mbe kalo early come ada la kot… i got
    there yesterday at 11.00am n just got 2 long pants and 3 sandals for my girl…. and u
    must be patient wt a long q n jauh parking…. i think its not worth to come for people yg
    stay jejauh…. but if u want to see n experience the sale… u’re welcome…. but i heard
    that they will top-up the clothes from time to time….

    for not dissaponted u all, this are the details for the sale…. n ithk u can also visit the shoppingNsales website to know more comment abt this sale…..

    26 to 29 July 2007

    Time :
    10am to 5pm

    Venue: (Tel 603 8068 8888)
    1 jalan Industri PBP 13
    Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong
    47100 Puchong

  3. I have email to baby kiko several time to request them to inform us while baby kiko have warehouse sales, but they not even reply my email. please inform me when is the next warehouse sales ….somewhere Oct ???

  4. Angeline Lee, I did not have any success via email or feedback left from Baby Kiko’s site either. When there’s warehouse sale for Baby Kiko, PASIM will surely update it online :)

  5. macam mana nak tahu ada jualan gudang?Nak jugak tahu tarikhnya, kekadang tak sempat nak masuk blog kiki whosale.ada tak flyer atau catalog new.

  6. Diana Azirawaty Zainuddin, Baby Kiko advertises in The Star and maybe other newspapers. There’s no newsletter from Baby Kiko’s website and don’t bother emailing them – no reply. You can subscribe to PASIM or check online periodically.

  7. a’kum and salam sejahtera

    baby kiko ada warehouse sale kat taman perindustrian puchong pada 6-9/12/2007 dari jam 10 pagi hingga 5 petang. selamat membeli belah

  8. Pingback: PASIM

  9. Bila ada warehouse kat puchong tolong emel kepada saya,yang terbaru aritu dah terlapas tarikh baru tahu ada warehouse kat puchong…..

  10. Selalunyer bulan 9 ader la jualannyer..john master pun dekat kilang yang sama. nanti i inform u all erk bila ader Babi kiko sale lagi..dekat ngan umah i jer…i pun tunggu babi kiko warehouse sale nih

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