Harvey Norman Mega Sale

Until 30 Jun 2007

Harvey Norman – IKANO Power Centre, Mid Valley Megamall, Queensbay Mall


4 thoughts on “Harvey Norman Mega Sale

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  2. My relative’s recent experience with Harvey Norman Malaysia, Ikano Power Centre proved that their sales & technical guys were like pieces of stones unable to give any human touch or bother to give proper explanation and confirmation to their product. Seems they were uncertain of some technical facts. Really bad sale service and after sale supports from their guys.
    Shame on them ! VERY VERY disappointing

    • not only at IPC their other brances in mid valley and sunway. yesterday i was trying out a living room set i and nobody bothered to offer any assistance while at the same time some of them were either busy chatting with one another or just looking at the ceiling or yonder although i really liked the furniture and it was going at half the price i decided to just walk away, same thing happened about 3 yrs ago at mid valley, the supervisor refused to test the toshiba dvd player so i bought at another place also in mid valley but later to be fair when i returned the philips blu ray player 2 yrs ago the team at mid valley was quite accomodating and i had no problem at all asking for a refund.

  3. I bought an aircond for my mom. Very painful delivery since they keep rescheduling to other time and installation was poor and required my mom to call for other technician.

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