Vincci & Padini sales (120507)

Every brand under Padini is having sales now. Heard it will end in 10 June 2007. If you have the accurate info, please comment :)

Discount up to 50%/70%

| Update

Padini Concept Store, Seed, Padini Authentics, P & Co, Padini
12 May – 10 Jun 2007

12 May – 3 Jun 2007

note: Vincci outlet in Bangsar Village II may not have the same discount as other outlets since this outlet focuses on the new arrivals.

| End of Update


63 thoughts on “Vincci & Padini sales (120507)

  1. Why am I not able to purchase shoes from Vincci online as Malaysian Airlines fly directly into Cape Town two to three times a week. (If not more). I am able to have them airfreighted from all other countries??
    Love the Vincci store in BB Plaza. Always busy and yet you still have very helpfull staff. Well done!!!!!

  2. Yasmine, PASIM had forwarded your enquiry to Vincci but there’s no reply yet. You can try Padini’s (Vincci is under Padini) Customer Relations Department Direct Lines : +603-5569 1170 / +603-5569 1171

  3. I would like to know who i can speak to in connection with importing the vincci brand into my country.I own a footwear outlet in south africa and i am interesred in introducing the vincci brand into my store.I would really appreciate your asisstance.

  4. I am interested for OEM VINCCI ladies shoes to sell in
    other countries Parkson shopping mall. Appreciate if you
    could let me know the person to contact and tel. no.

    Thanks and regards

  5. HighFashion, Nose is under RSH, a huge parent company that has many golf, sports and fashion brands while Vincci is under Padini, with a few casual and one formal wear brand. However, there are more Vincci outlets locally and worldwide. Vincci has also been in Malaysia longer than Nose but Nose is catching up. Generally, Nose shoes are a little bit more expensive than Vincci. Except for Vincci in Bangsar Village 2.

  6. That’s Vincci+ with no discount at all, limited quantity for each design. It’s going to be in Pavilion, The Gardens & Sunway 2. I read – can’t say read – saw an ad that VIncci+ is marketing it as affordable (cheap) and stylish. Also got Vincci Accessories.

  7. Dear,

    Kami ada di Indonesia dan kami sudah biasa untuk memakai sepatu merk vincci dan kami puas sekali, biasanya kami pesan dari teman yang ada di malaysia dan model kita lihat dari web site vincci sekarang kenapa kami sudah tidak bisa lihat lagi katalog untuk pemesanan produk dari size, model sepatu dan warna, bagaimana caranya supaya bisa buka website seperti 3 bulan yang lalu.

    Titin K

  8. i really want to know estimated number of vincci outlets in malaysia. anybody, please give me the answer. this is important for my reserach.

  9. How could one go into the Vinci shoe catalogue as I have have trying but there is not site that can take me to you latest catalogue on line so could you please help me and would appreciate an answer a.s.ap as I need to see them and then send the size and the model to my girl friend in KL and she will do the needful. Thanks once again. Cheers mate..

  10. may I know the measurement of vincci shoes (flat and peep toe)?I want to ask my friend to buy it while she visit Malaysia..thanks

  11. umie, go to any retail outlets & pay the membership fee. Sometimes there are promotion where if you spend x amount, you can apply with lower membership fee.

  12. Dulu saat belajar dimalaysia, saya suka beli produk vincci. Setelah kembali ke indonesia, saya masih tetap menggunakan produk sepatu vincci. biasanya saya pesan dari teman yang ada di malaysia dan model kita lihat dari web site vincci. Namun sekarang kenapa kami sudah tidak bisa lihat lagi katalog untuk pemesanan produk dari size, model sepatu dan warna, bagaimana caranya supaya bisa buka website seperti 3 bulan yang lalu.

  13. Hi,
    do you know, wheather it is possible to buy vincci shoes on line and than send them to another country (Europe)?
    thanks :)

  14. Hi,
    I just moved to India, New Delhi from but am missing my adorable Vincci shoes….is there any way i can buy them online? of have them shipped…pls help!!

  15. there’ll b Padini . seed sale up to 70% in 1U this weekend !! It’s on the warehouse sales notice tht had colours n .. 9 west or sth.

  16. Hi,
    I want a be your aggent in east Indonesia, and saveral city in Indonesia, Like Surabaya, Solo, Sumatra,Bandung.
    I allready have a boutique on that city.

    How we disscus about it !
    Is it posible ??

  17. hi.
    saya ingin berbisnis sepatu vincci dikota saya.apakah saya bisa berbelanja secara online tanpa saya harus kemalaysia?bagaimana caranya?apakah harga yg ditawarkan sama dgn harga untuk pemakai?mohon informasinya/thanks

  18. I am very satisfied with Vincci, and not of very easy to loose, my parents very often to malaysia and all my family average wear and padini vinci! success for Vincci and padini!!!

  19. I want to no about background of vnc lady shoes shop.i really need it.please reply me back as soon as you can .i waiting. From Cambodia

  20. hi.I From BANGLADESH.I Am Interested To Markating “VINCCI”Brand In My Countru.Sand Me More Information.

  21. Hi,
    I want a be your agent in Jakarta.
    I already have a boutique online in jakarta too.

    How we discus about it !
    Is it possible ??

    please kindly reply me back as as possible.thank you.

  22. Hi…I want be your agent in makassar indonesia. What do I have to do??? I’m wait for your information, if you don’t mine pls reply me back soon as possible. thanks….

  23. I want be your agent at makassar indonesia, what the procedure is? if you’d mine pls reply me back soon as possible, I’m wait for your information. Thanks

  24. HI MJ
    Its Haneef
    I would like to ask about the padinis E shoping website address if possible
    I have tried the previous on which is, but it did not go well

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