G2000 & U2 promotion

Till: 8 Dec 05

There are several promotions going on in G2000 & U2 selected items:

For Men’s:

  • Buy 2 Free 1 for long-sleeved, dobby, stripe & plain colour shirts (original price: RM139)
  • RM139 for 2 shirts on plain colour shirts (original price: RM79/RM85)
  • Suit – RM599 for blazer + free matching pants worth RM199 (Easy care)
  • Tuxedo shirt + cuff links + bow tie (purple/black/grey) = RM199

For Ladies’:

  • Buy 2 Free 1 for blouse.

Official site > http://www.g2000.com.hk

For casual wear, U2 also has the same promotion – Buy 2 Free 1.

Official site > http://www.u2.com.hk

Online shop > G2U2.com (has the details/highlights on each items, recommendation on matching suits)

They hv a Loyalty Program – buy over RM300 or if u hv Genting World Card, u can apply to be a member. Registration is RM10 for once in a lifetime. If the card is lost, u can reapply with the same criteria. As a member, u’ll get 10% on normal items, 20% voucher for ur birthday month & updates. The card can be used in any shops (except at Dept Stores like Parkson & Metrojaya) in Malaysia.

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